Luna interprets your style and takes the kitchen to a new dimension; a dimension that is capable of plying secret partnerships between meaning and form, to fully enjoy spaces, with an impeccable design. Settings devised with a minimalist style and where the focus lies on practicality above all.

Details and contrasting textures, painstaking care for details. luna leaves nothing to chance.

Luna plays the starring role in a large setting that features multiple living room units with a pristine style that oozes simple elegance.

Every space is designed down to the smallest detail and accommodates all possible functional requirements. The relaxation area reinvents everyday domestic environments, with wall-mounted base units and open storage compartments to expand the horizons of comfort and style to the entire home.

The linear mood is embellished by the finest, hard-wearing features.
Maximum rationalisation of space thanks to the pull-out shelves concealed within the tall units.

Compact shapes with clear-cut signs and evident thicknesses. a focus on technology, tied to solid and sturdy manufacturing. with luna, the kitchen becomes a sociable place and it merges with the living room.

Sublime elegance and practicality.

A blend of shapes and extra thick, sturdy materials.

A piece of paradise.

Luna expresses its utmost versatility thanks to innovative features and trendy finishes.

A strong visual experience. luna sees its look as a fundamental plus point, yet
without foregoing comfort. The painstaking care for details is evident and it is emphasises by the use of pull-out mechanisms for base units and stylish glass shelves in the display units.
The latest-generation appliances and the extensive choice of accessories accommodate the needs of even the most demanding chefs.

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+ Details
+ Finishes and colours of doors
+ Finishes and colours of the glass doors
+ Plain coloured matt finish of doors
+ Plain coloured matt finish of the glass doors
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